Stitch Up

In progress - watch this space.

Robbie is married with a daughter and living in the country. Everything is going well. Too well.

First Robbie's wife leaves him, albeit temporarily. Then old flame, Jill Green, reappears to instruct him in an investigation into the death of her partner, the former head of a multi-national pharmaceutical company. The death certificate says suicide, paranoid Jill doesn't believe it, and is prepared to pay Robbie whatever it takes to find the killer. Another killer on the loose is Mickey Hertz, whose conviction is under scrutiny. Suspicion falls on Robbie's ex-cop father for fabricating evidence at Hertz's trial and who now faces prosecution.

Poacher to gamekeeper, defence lawyer Robbie, has two killers to catch, and one six year-old daughter to look after. No-one said it would be easy.

(Stitch Up is the ninth book in the Best Defence Series and not yet available for purchase)