Present Tense

Published by Sandstone Press

'Present Tense is a wickedly readable and darkly humorous novel from a writer whose first-hand knowledge of the legal system and the characters who inhabit it shines through on every page.'
Sergio Casci, The Caller, American Cousins, Sea of Souls

Some people said Billy Paris’s time in the military had left him clinically depressed, others that he had a personality disorder. Personally, I’d always thought him the kind of client who’d stick a blade in you for the price of a pint. Friday afternoon he was in my office with a cardboard box. The box said Famous Grouse. I didn’t hear the clink of whisky bottles as he thudded it onto my desk.

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Robbie Munro’s back home, living with his dad and his new-found daughter. Life as a criminal lawyer isn’t going well, and neither is his love life. While he’s preparing to defend the accused in a rape case, it all becomes suddenly more complicated when one of his more dubious clients leaves a mysterious box for him to look after. What’s in the box is going to change Robbie’s life – forever.