Last Will

Blood is thicker than water, but it's not as hard as cash.

It's the trial of Robbie Munro's life: one month to prove he's fit to be a father.

No problem. Apart, that is, from the small matter of a double-murder in which Robbie's landlord, psycho Jake Turpie, is implicated. Jake demands Robbie's undivided attention, and is prepared to throw money at the defence - as well as some extremely dodgy evidence.

Robbie has a choice: look after his daughter or look after his client. Can the two be combined to give the best of both worlds? Robbie aims to find out, and his attempts lead him into the alien worlds of high-fashion, drug-dealing and civil-litigation. It's what being a father/lawyer is all about.

'One word of advice to Mr McIntyre - write faster!'
Laurie Gardiner

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