Crime Fiction

If the ink is in your blood...

Desperate for cash, Robbie finds himself ensnared in a web of deceit spun by master conman, Victor Devlin. What is Devlin’s connection with the case of two St Andrew’s students charged with the murder of a local waitress? Enter Suzie Lake, a former-university chum of Robbie, now bestselling crime fiction author, who regards Robbie as her muse. Suzie has writer’s block and turns to Robbie for inspiration. She’s especially interested in the St Andrew’s murder and wants some inside information.

How can Robbie refuse the advances of the gorgeous Suzie even if they threaten to scupper his pending nuptials? And yet, the more Robbie reveals to Suzie, the more he finds himself in a murky world of bribery, corruption and crime fiction publishing.

'Robbie Munro is someone you want on your side!'
A.M. Gilland

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